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Design, programming & copywriting website AE Sant Andreu


Web design sports site

Web design for AE Sant Andreu sports associations from Barcelona

Web programming

Web programming and layout of website

Web performance optimization

Web performance optimization for get a faster website

Technical Copywriting

Technical Copywriting for all pages of the website

Design, programming & copywriting

Aesantandreu.org has a new website with a very careful design and all the
functionalities necessary to manage all the information, blog, and inscriptions.
It has a complex system of forms for all (not a few)
sports activities it offers.

Website that works

Aesantandreu.org has a website that works, it
collect inscriptions of all forms, website
have now more users from organic search engines

  • Responsive design

All devices friendly website with responsive design.

  • Self managed

Thanks to WordPress CMS the client can manage, publish, modify an erase all the content from his website.

  • Technical copywriting

Thevelop did a techical copywriting for all pages inside website improving the number of organic visitors from search engines.

  • Advanced webforms

Advanced webforms system adapted to legal compilance from Spain. It’s capable to save a copy from all communications with users consent.

Asociación deportiva Sant Andreu
Desarrollo web deportiva AE Sant Andreu
Maquetación web deportiva
  • Ad Hoc programming

Ad Hoc website programming taking a look that client needs, incluiding webforms for inscriptions.

  • Web performance optimization

Web performance optimization rules for output the frontend faster.

  • Ad Hoc design

Ad hoc web design taking as the only premise the company logo and corporate colours.

  • Multi funcional

Aesantandreu.org have all functionalities needed for promote his content, posts, landing pages, etc…

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