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Lambert Malivern
Hi Sebas, I'm very satisfied with your work since you begin to collaborate with us at Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnológic and later at Eurecat. I will be charmed to explore new oportunities for work together in short. You're a crack!

— Lambert Malivern

Chief Information Officer

Jordi Llorente
The client has told us that it is not believed that organic traffic has increased by 45% after launching the new website. He says that he's very happy with the improvement.

— Jordi Llorente

Media Project Manager

David Roy
I congratulate you for your work, the programmer who made us the previous website took more than double the time to finish it. I have been congratulated by a client I have in the United States and two from Canada after seeing the new website.

— David Roy


Eloi Ortuño
The client was not even expected a website like the one he has now and I love it too, it cannot be improved.

— Eloi Ortuño


Óscar Alonso
I love the new website, which is why I haven't told you anything while I watched you move forward with the layout of all the screens. We save a lot of internal management time with the entire system of forms that you have assembled.

— Óscar Alonso

Sports Director

Santiago Fernández
Sebas, I don't care if you're not an expert on Prestashop. I want you to do the programming of the web.

— Santiago Fernández


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